Wakeup Starlight is a Canadian Rock/Alternative/Pop group. Started in the fall of 2010, Caleb Cummings and Chris noble released their first full length album in early 2011, having started their careers together around the turn of the century. They started out as “Just” an unfortunately ambiguously worded name that necessitated a change to “Once Just“. Under these two monikers, they released 2002‘s “Imposter“, 2004‘s “Stand2006‘s “Destination” and then in 2008 a final self titled EP. Other members came in and out of the group, but finally in 2010, Cummings and Noble consolidated their vision together as Wakeup Starlight. taking some of the Rock/Alternative styles from their past and merging them with a decidedly Folk/Roots sound, they recorded 2011‘s “The Breakdown” and this year, 2013, released their newest album entitled “The White Flags of Alderaan“. Dave Janssen joined the group as their second vocalist and bass player in the fall of 2012.

In 2011 Cummings and noble also started their flagship music company, “Resounding Records