Wakeup Starlight – Bathed in Red Now Available on iTunes


Wakeup Starlight, a Folk based Rock band, started in Calgary in 2010, blends the beauty of anthemic songwriting with the fun and intimacy of 60’s folk music. Caleb Cummings, singer songwriter of the band since it’s inception, moves their performances with the looseness of Dylan, and the happy stomp of Paul Simon back in the S&G days.

    Wakeup Starlight has released two records since 2010, The Breakdown (Full Length – 2011), and The White Flags of Alderaan (EP – 2012). The first radio single from The Breakdown, titled One Step Away managed to make it’s way into The Billboard top 100 and sold over 10,000 singles on iTunes. One Step Away earned Wakeup Starlight the GMA award for Best New Pop Song that year. The White Flags of Alderaan has held steady in the AAA top 100 Americana albums since 2012.

    Wakeup Starlight has toured across Canada and the USA performing with artists such as Marianna’s Trench, Ill Scarlet, Danko Jones, Maestro, and Jars of Clay, as well as showcasing at international festivals such as the Midwest Music Summit (Indianapolis), Canadian Music Week (Toronto), The Jazz Festival (Calgary), and Africaday (Calgary).

Working with Grammy award winning producer Fernando Lodeiro, Wakeup Starlight is preparing to release their third album this year (2014).